Updating last data entered in excel

21-Oct-2018 06:38

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Instead, I want the Macro to run when Cell D10 is populated. You must use the worksheet change event in the worksheet itself, not a module.The data for D10 comes from a Data Validation drop down, if that matters. Let me explain: I will provide a file to go along with the explanation.If a user wishes to run a Macro in Microsoft Excel when the D10 cell is found to be populated, worksheet change event must be used in the Excel Worksheet, not in the module. D10.htlml is downloaded and the original code that was used to run the Macro is set.In step 1 choose a chart type(this example uses a clustered column type).In step 2, click on the Series tab, then click Add to add the first series.Mac users have the option of creating a link to the Aploris data sheet with Excel’s built-in capabilities.

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If you enter a numeric value in cell D10, range G5: G10 will copy what is in A5: A25.

Press Ctrl-F3 (or go to the Insert menu, choose Names..., then Define) to open the Define Names dialog. In the Refers To box, enter the following formula and click Add. Finally, click OK to close the Define Name dialog box.

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