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12-Jan-2018 11:34

” But make sure that the one you’re texting isn’t a fan of JB. Nevertheless, it’s a kind of game that you can play when you’re out and about while your boyfriend/girlfriend is bored in the house.

The game is played by one person quoting some lines from a song and send it to the other via text.

Texting has become an integral part of communication.

So next time when you want to text your girlfriend/boyfriend, spice up the things and play a game instead!

In this article, we have listed numerous fun texting games to play with a guy or a girl.

Time and distance have nothing to do when couples want to connect, and what better way to do it than texting.

Once the subject has been chosen, the other player has to send a series of questions through a text to narrow down the subject.

Look around your environment and find something in particular. Of course, you’re going to give him/her a clue but you’ll only give the first letter of the object that you want him/her to guess.

You can find various abbreviations anywhere, from company names to phrases that are shortened for ease of use.

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