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After letting go captaincy of the ODI team, there were doubts about Dhoni’s place in the ODI set up.

But some of his recent performances have put a lid on those openings.

We would love to chat with you all tonight so come see us on the dance floor.” Simple and so effective.

Of course there will be some guests you will take a few minutes to seek out (grandparents and other family members).

] [Round 3:] [Skepta] It's not you it's me Can't diss me or my family tree You'll get a shank in your chest with my front door key Box in the face with my back door key Draw for the leng, kill an MC I got a black ski mask but I don't ski And if you diss Wiley or Jme I will come to your set like What soundboy, who is it? Everybody get sprayed I'm a hitman but I don't get paid Two bullets in a wasteman's skin fade Leave red stains on his clothes like cherryade Brand new duppies have to get made Make ya headtop explode like grenade If you wanna draw for the blade I will be like what Devilman Who is it? Go on then Devilman, go on then, draw for the gatty I'll burn out your mouth like a salt fish patty Won't bring a strap if you're just a likkle batty The machete will leave his T-shirt tatty And I will make his belly look like a bowl of Basmati Leave him with a sweaty forehead like a fatty Still wants to be a hot head like Ratty Go on then, draw for the gatty, go on then [Devilman] Yeah, I will torture Skepta like I play with toys Torture Skepta like I play with toys Cover up his mouth so it don't make noise Then go, make sure he's tied to the bed Cut his face and bring force to his head and I dread To see how much blood that I shed Because I know most of the blood comes from his head My favourite colours are purple and red So you might as well say that Skepta's dead But I’m torturing Skepta I’ll start from his head and go all the way down to the toes Rip out his scalp and then pull out his eyes and then stick a big pole up his nose Get rid of his clothes and burn off his toes, [?

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Well, I present to you a solution so long as you can get over one of people’s biggest fears: PUBLIC. I saw one of our own DJs do this at his wedding over 10 years ago and I thought it was brilliant.

Once the toasts were done, he grabbed the mic and said (paraphrasing here), “Thank you so much to everyone who came!

Velopment ain’t in the mafia Not a Tai Omi Ay Wong Sun carrier Devilman wouldn't even jump over the train barrier So how can he be a bad man When he pars with about 25 pricks If I get Texas Chainsaw Massacre You will get Freddy Krueger part 6 And Final Destination part 3 Trust me I'll push your wig back This ain't a fair clash it's a mismatch You see what I did to the other MCs on my diss track How can I clash Devilman? Go on then I got war lyrics in my book, go on then, go on then Kiss my black foot, go on then Yo, signed up to the gym 'cause I heard man are looking for me and my mates After I’m done with pumping the weights I'm gonna buy a stab-proof vest and put in the plates I got so many stars and stripes I might buy a new house in the states Every compliment my head inflates I roll deep but I don’t wear skates And I don’t like him, or his friend Don’t make me have to bore his friend Go on then, bring around 2 of your friends I’ll just bring around 3 of my friends But not no MC friends I’ll bring around a couple unknown guys from my ends You hold mic, they hold leng, and the only spitting they do is phlegm So what d'you mean, what d'you mean you fool?

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Ragazze goth, emo, attrezzi bondage, BBWs, sottomessi ... Alcune ragazze possono anche schizzare - e mentre ho avuto da fare con ragazze che schizzono davvero debole e che anche prendono un sacco di tempo ad finalmente butare fuori un po 'di liquido, ho anche trovato alcune ragazze che sono come Old Faithful perche la fanno molto e bene.… continue reading »

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