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Smartphone addiction can encompass a variety of impulse-control problems, including: Virtual relationships.

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By learning about the signs and symptoms of smartphone and Internet addiction and the ways to break free of the habit, you can better balance your life, online and off.

Smartphone addiction, sometimes colloquially known as “nomophobia” (fear of being without a mobile phone), is often fueled by an Internet overuse problem or Internet addiction disorder.

After all, it’s rarely the phone or tablet itself that creates the compulsion, but rather the games, apps, and online worlds it connects us to.

e Bay addicts may wake up at strange hours in order to be online for the last remaining minutes of an auction.

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You may purchase things you don’t need and can’t afford just to experience the excitement of placing the winning bid. Compulsive web surfing, watching videos, playing games, searching Google, or checking news feeds can lead to lower productivity at work or school and isolate you for hours at a time.

In fact, studies suggest that most of us are rarely ever more than five feet from our smartphones.